What We Do


ROI is doing things differently — this is not business as usual. 

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Click on image to download brochure

The City of Richmond is experiencing a renaissance, but to become a truly thriving community, we must address the inequities in access to safe and affordable housing. Moving the needle on education and health outcomes for Richmond requires confronting the legacy of public housing, aligning community resources to address opportunities for success for people living in Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) communities, and developing strategic public/private partnerships to redevelopment public housing over time.

Richmond Opportunities, Inc. (ROI) supports community transformation by creating pathways to self-sufficiency for people residing in Richmond’s public housing communities, ensuring individuals and families thrive in safe and healthy housing.



Our Guiding Principles


ROI is people-centered – residents are partners.

ROI employs an asset-based approach and builds on the strengths of individuals and organizations.

ROI operates through collaboration.

ROI values transparency in all that it does.

ROI uses available knowledge and data to inform decisions.